Asbury Sunday School Class

The Asbury Sunday school class is the original young adult class although we are starting to find ourselves young at heart. We range in age having elementary school kids to grand kids. Our weekly focus is "what does this mean for me", applying Biblical principles to our everyday lives. We mainly use DVD studies and host one or two Munches per year to support our Christmas mission project. We meet on Sunday mornings at 10:00 in the library and encourage open and lively conversation.

Contact: Rachel Marquardt 

Covenant Sunday School Class

The Covenant Sunday School class meets each Sunday morning from 10:00-10:45, between the contemporary and traditional church services at Woodmont, in the 2nd classroom as you exit the Fellowship Hall. A rotating schedule of teachers lead the class in a discussion format based on a Methodist Cokesbury curriculum, and we enjoy a friendly rapport as well as support of one another. We have occasional social gatherings, help in local missions, and have hosted a Wednesday night Munch in the fall for the past several years. Visitors and members of all adult ages are always welcome!

Contact: Mary Simpson

Wesley-Aldersgate Sunday School Class

The Wesley-Aldersgate Class is a combination of two Sunday school classes, both of which were originally classes that were formed at Main Street UMC and retained their membership when Woodmont was started. As the membership of the Wesley Class aged and transitioned to the heavenly realms, the two classes were combined. The membership is mostly older adults who are into their eighth decade (i.e. 70 or older). We currently have about 10-12 regular attendees and would like to include more. We meet in the classroom closest to the fellowship hall behind the sanctuary.

We use the Adult Bible Study series as the basis for our lessons and have four regular teachers, one for each Sunday of the month. The teachers are: Bill Merritt, Gloria Pegram, Cecil Rand, and Susan Thompson. The format is generally lecture with a limited amount of discussion, depending on the teacher’s style.

We do take up an offering each week. This is divided more or less equally between Woodmont’s general funding and a fund the class uses for special needs that occur during the year. Through this fund we have supported The Salvation Army; VBS; Carolina Cross Connection counselors; gift cards for our college and military members; mission team special needs.

Come join us!

Contact: Susan Thompson