One of our basic human needs is the desire to connect.  Woodmont’s Congregational Support Team (CST) works to strengthen the connections within our church family.  Current efforts to accomplish this include the following areas.


Woodmont’s Prayer Team members connect with others who are feeling the weight of life’s challenges by lifting them upin prayer, asking and trusting God to work all things together for good.  


TLC volunteers make monthly visits with our homebound and facility-bound members who are not able to be present at Woodmont regularly to remind them of the love and support of their church family.  These same individuals also receive weekly bulletins and monthly newsletters to help them remain a part of worship and other activities.

Often working in connection with TLC visits is our Blooming Blessings ministry. 


Members who place altar flowers for Sunday worship services may donate their arrangements to be refashioned into smaller bouquets and shared with individualswho may be having a difficult time or just need a little cheering up by a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. 

For members experiencing medical challenges, we also coordinate transportation and recovery support through meals and additional visits.

Remembering our young adults who are in college or serving in the military is also a privilege of our congregation.  Generous donations allow up to be in touch in the fall and spring (exam time!) with fast food gift cards.

Helping to welcome little ones into the homes of young families is accomplished by posting a yard sign (“Woodmont Welcomes Another of God’s Blessings”) and providing meals as Mom & Dad adjust to their new responsibilities.